Peril on Wheels

Kent Emison

2015 will see the publication of “Peril on Wheels: Why America’s highways become less safe each year, and how lawsuits against the truck industry are litigated.” Available through major retailers, this book is authored by Kent Emison and published by Agate Press, and will offer analysis of hot topics within truck accident litigation.

In America today we have a serious problem, where trucking companies are set up in a way where they have to fail. With the pressures of these companies asking drivers to make impossible schedules and carry weights that skirt federal regulations, the industry more or less creates the environment where some of these otherwise preventable injuries become part of the job. And because of the size of these vehicles on the road, many of these injuries are fatal.

A report in 2013 publicized by the American Association for Justice highlighted that nearly three times as many people die in truck accidents as in aviation, boating, and railroad accidents combined. The same report also stated that more than 28,000 trucking companies with safety violations operate on U.S. roads in a year.

With interstate trucking companies trying to make their operations as profitable as possible, it is not uncommon for corners to be deliberately cut. With this new book from Agate Press, Peril on Wheels looks at the market pressures that exist for truck drivers, and the litigation atmosphere for trucking cases. The book will share best practices for managing truck accident lawsuits, providing a one-stop resource for attorneys interested in learning more about this area of litigation.

The author, Kent Emison, is a Fellow in the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and is the co-chair of the AIEG truck accident litigation group. He devotes his practice 100% to representing victims injured by trucks, vehicles, and dangerous products. He has successfully argued cases where semi-trucks have caused serious injuries to people because the trucks were negligently maintained, the driver committed error or the driver suffered from fatigue and cause an accident.

Peril on Wheels looks at the defects that can sometimes exist in trucks, statistics behind truck safety, and litigation strategies in lawsuits over these accidents. The scheduled publication date is summer of 2015.